How do you find a local investor?

At some point, most people in America will buy and own a house, whether it becomes an inherited house or they pay cash for it or they get a mortgage for that house. You need to be able to get a house because everyone has to live somewhere, right? So when you have owned a house for a while, but it needs repairs, where can you sell that house fast? Well, I’m glad you asked! This whole real estate blog is all dedicated to answering these tough questions. You need to find an investor in your local area.

What’s an investor? Well, simple. They have cash. That’s what differentiates an investor from a regular, retail buyer. It’s the simple fact that they have cash to pay for a house. They can help get rid of that house that you no longer want. But how can you find those investors? Well, simple! You need to search something like this, we buy real estate property quickly for cash money. Something like that will help locate someone who will give you cash for your house because they are an investor. They will get you out of a sticky situation, which can be very nice for some people who struggle with making ends meat.

An investor who buys houses fast might be the best chance for you to sell a house that needs major work done to it!


School Rankings: How does that play into my house

As I’ve previously stated, real estate is all about location because if you’re located in the ghetto, that’s not exactly the most prime real estate ever. For parents, their kids are, or at least should be, their top priority and focus when it comes to buying a new house. As parents, you want to have a few things for your kids: a backyard, a nice and safe neighborhood, kids that neighbor your house so they have other kids to play with and, most importantly, a good school system for them to grow up in — something to keep in mind when you’re selling your house or buying a house.

How can you look up school system and see their rankings?

Facebook and Yelp.

Facebook is a great place when you’re looking to buy a house in a certain area to see what kind of school system that that house is zoned in and for. Facebook is where people are all too real sometimes — who are we kidding, they are too real all the time. Facebook has groups of certain cities and counties and areas that range from yard sale groups to church groups to PTO groups of school. Get on one of those groups and just ask and see what people think of that particular school. It’s really the parents of kids in a school district that really know the setup and makeup of how good a school really is.

If you can’t find something on Facebook, look to Yelp. Yelp places the power of review into the consumer’s hands. You have access to every review, including school. Yelp is a handy dandy tool to use for more than just restaurant reviews.

Another great tip, call a real estate agent or call a local real estate investor. A company like Favor Home Solutions knows all about the local schools in a local area. They are another great tool to use, plus they might can find you a cheaper house than going with a realtor!


Real Estate Secrets


Real Estate: it’s one of those things that has been around since the beginning of time because land has always been valuable. Land has and always will be valuable because you need to live somewhere. Land has been the source of power for many of the worlds most wealthy people who have ever lived, they never would want to sell a house they owned.

So with that being said, why hasn’t everyone and their momma get in on this real estate business?? Well, simply put: most people don’t know some of the secrets and how to even begin to enter into this valuable, lucrative business and industry.

Realtors have famously been known to say that is real estate is all about location. Location, location, location. It’s so very very true! If a house you’re looking to buy is located in the hood or ghetto, you’re not going to want to buy it! But if its in the most perfect neighborhood, you’re going to want to spend extra money to buy that house because it’s going to fit you and your family perfectly.

Another secret most realtors won’t tell the average joe is how they come to find how much a house is actually worth. Realtors use something called the multi listing service, otherwise known as the MLS. This is a great tool for realtors to sell a house fast.

Other real estate investors don’t have access to the MLS most of the time, but a good real estate investor does in fact have access to the MLS because it provides them with great tool to build and grow their business. If you’re looking for a real estate company who can help sell your home, I’d recommend Favor Home Solutions. They really do get you the best bang for your buck when it comes to your home!

Should you trust a mail piece?

As a kid, we all loved to get a letter in the mail. It was a fun, exhilarating moment when mom or dad called you in the kitchen and said, “Look, you got a letter from someone!” It was a great feeling. Now as adults, when we get letters in the mail, they are usually bills or things that don’t always excite us all the time. If you own a home, you no doubt get letters for people wanting to cut your grass, be your primary pest control company, home security and alarm system and real estate company, the list goes on and on and on.

If you own more than one home and your mailing address is different from one of the homes you own, you will most likely get a letter from a company that say, “sell your house fast for cash,” along with lots of other terms and whatnot. The question is, should you trust it?

These mailers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Post cards, to a hand written letter in a white envelope, a typed letter in a white envelope, a typed letter in a brightly colored envelope; the list goes on and on. These are from real estate companies that buy houses for cash. So should you trust them? I would do my research first by looking the company name up on google, like Favor Home Solutions.

If you find Favor Home Solutions on the internet and you see their website, then you know they are a legit company. But if you look up Favor Home Solutions and you don’t see a website at all or any presence of them on the internet, then steer clear of that scam! If the company that sent you a letter doesn’t have a website, then you’re in big trouble. Don’t call them!!! Don’t do it! They are most likely looking to scam you or rip you off.

How to use social media to sell your house fast

The American Dream is to own a home in a suburb of a city with a white picket fence, two kids, a dog and a happy wife. Or is it? That was the American Dream for the Baby Boomer generation, but what happens if you have to sell that dream house you once had because of a financial crisis, divorce or a serious illness falls on a loved on? Unfortunately, in that type of a situation you may be forced to sell your house fast.

You could go the typical route of getting a realtor, paying at least 3% in commission, plus paying closing costs. Because typically, the seller pays all sides of the closing costs! So in total, you lose 8% right off the top just by selling the traditional way. What if you used social media to help you find someone who can buy your house fast?

Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are great resources for finding someone who can buy your house fast for cash. I recommend using Facebook though because Facebook is a huge marketplace where people go to look to buy houses. Cash investors use facebook all the time to find houses they want to buy. All you have to do is search the words “real estate” with the name of your city that you’re in, and you will find groups galore about real estate. In those groups are people who will pay CASH for your house. NO fees, No commissions, no cost to you. You just walk away with fast cash to help your family out in your time of need.

It’s quite simple really. Searching groups like that is one of the best ways to find someone who will pay cash for houses. You can also search for facebook pages of companies, like Favor Home Solutions who will also pay cash for your house.

Best way to sell my house

Real Estate is all about finding the perfect market if you’re buying or selling a home. Right now, it is a sellers market without question, so if you’re thinking to yourself, “where can I sell my house fast,” this is the article that is going to help you figure out where you can and should sell your house.

There are two different ways you can go with selling your house: you can find a realtor and list your house on the MLS (listing it on Zillow, Realtor, etc.), paying realtor fees, closing costs and have many more expenses that build with selling with a realtor. Realtors also make you fix everything in a house before you sell it to try to get the most money possible because the more you sell your house for, the more money the realtor makes.

A better way to sell your house fast for cash is contacting an investor in your area who pays cash for your house because you don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to pay closing costs, you don’t pay for rehabs to sell your house and you don’t even have to clean your house. You get cash for you house, no gimmicks or anything. It’s by far the best deal to have when  you need to sell quickly.

There are lots investors in your area that can pay cash for a house, but most of them are greedy and are out to rip people off. You have to do your research on these investors. One investor that I trust to give you a fair cash offer for you house is Favor Home Solutions. They have a great rating on Google Plus and on tons of other sites, and I recommend them as a great choice to buy your house for cash.




Should I buy a house or rent?

Young adults everywhere are faced with the question: should I buy a house or just rent so I don’t have to deal with all the up keep of a home? Here’s my opinion on if you should buy a house.

Renting a house means you are simply paying a landlord rent money to live in a home they own. It can be nice when you find a good deal because you don’t have to keep up with any repairs. If something breaks, the landlord fixes it on the spot. It can be a great thing for young college kids or a young married couple to do if they can’t afford the repairs of a house.

Buying a house involves a lot of paperwork and qualifications, but in my opinion is so worth it. You begin building your net worth and assets. Instead of throwing money away to a landlord, you’re investing in your future and own investment. You can buy your home for a small down payment of as low as 3.5%, and your mortgage can be as much as half of what rent could be. Favor home solutions is definitely the place you want to look for a house to buy because they have cheap fixer uppers for sale all the time.

So all in all, my personal opinion is buying a house is the best way to go because you are investing in your future, instead of giving money away to someone else. I think renting is alright for the first year or two of being on your own, but you should save up enough money to buy a house because that’s really the highest investment you will make in life.

If you have any questions, fill out the contact form on my blog here and I’ll answer your questions!